Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fruitless Studies Become Fruitful

I've been thinking a lot lately about Bible studies. For years I attended them faithfully, completed my homework, shared in class and agreed with the other women about particular points that "really touched my heart". But did the homework, attendance, faithfulness or tears of conviction result in a change in my life? Yes, I learned more about scripture. . .and that's good. Yes, I learned how we are "supposed" to be, live, react, love and the like. . .but did this knowledge prompt me to actually be, live, react, and love more like Christ? I can't say that it often did; at least for long. Worse yet, did the lack of implementation in my own life set my accusing finger lose to legalistically point out the faults of others while my own life remained stagnant?

I must admit-guilty on all accounts.

The last study I participated in was different, however. It was a revised version of one that I had completed several years ago. The difference this time, I believe, was in the conviction that the study didn't "work" the first time. After all, if it doesn't "work", I am just wasting my time. . .for a second time in this case.

I began to approach the study as "all about me" (yes, it can be all about you): my change, my growth, my heart seeking to be one with God's. Lasting change began deep within. It "worked". And since the change occurred within my heart, I can now help others in their journey, not as an accuser or a fixer, but as a humble soul who has traversed the road and come out at the other end, able to share how God changed my life.

I pray that you will allow God access to the deepest places in your heart. And when you overcome something that has held you back, that you will freely share with others and see them set free too.

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